L1V FOR 2NI5HT: Olivia's Bat Mitzvah


Last week, HELEN MILLS hosted a Bat Mitzvah party that was fit for the most elite of New York VIPs.  Olivia celebrated her birthday in style by transforming our venue into her very own teen nightclub - exclusive access only!

Live For Tonight signs at entrance

 Guests knew they were in for a special night before they even entered the space.  Olivia’s creative team made the most of Helen Mills’ branding opportunities by embellishing the outside porthole windows, sidewalk showcase, and upper windows with Olivia’s photos and logo. 

Inside, larger-than-life photos of Olivia adorned the interior walls and columns, creating a dramatic first impression.

Photos and decorations for Olivia's event

The cocktail hour was an elegant affair, as guests excitedly entered the world of Club Olivia.  The passed hors d’oeuvres were plentiful and everyone enjoyed the specialty mocktail we concocted in honor of the mitzvah girl: “The absOLutLiv”

As the DJ hyped everyone up, the white curtains were drawn back for the grand revealing of the reception area. The entire dance floor was decked out with white staging, a large LED wall, lounge furniture, and a very unique photo booth.

 This subway car replica created a fun and interactive photo opportunity. It was a big hit among guests of all ages!

Guests using photo booth

Olivia, looking glamorous in a sequined purple dress, used the 30-foot long bar as a catwalk to make a memorable grand entrance. 

The party was high-energy from start to finish, with plenty of eating, drinking, and dancing.  The teens enjoyed the DJ’s many giveaways, getting temporary tattoos at the Tattoo Parlor and filling up bags of sweets at the Candy Bar.  Olivia’s best friends even used the downstairs theater space to present her with homemade gifts and heartfelt speeches.

Everyone had an absolute blast living it up with Olivia!




Blog Content by: Brittany Moodey

Catering By: Between The Bread http://www.betweenthebread.com

Entertainment by: Hank Lane Music http://www.hanklane.com

Photo Ops and Tattoo Parlor by: Creative Games https://www.creativegamesinc.com

Staging and Production by: Fusion Productions https://www.fusionproductions.com

Graphics and Signage by: Onyx https://onyxgolfsignage.com/