Event Tech Guidelines

Theater Guidelines


  • Projector screen size is 12.5ft wide x 9ft high

  • Default/preferred projector resolution is 1280x768

  • Projector can display up to 1920x1200 resolution


  • Stereo sound system and 5.1 surround sound

  • Audio board has 16 inputs and 4 bus outputs


  • Programmable theatrical lighting and manual architectural lighting available

  • Manual spot lighting can be set up prior to, but not during event

  • No follow spot is available

  • Gobos should be size "A" or size "B."

Event Space Guidelines


  • Default/preferred projector resolution is 1280x768

  • North projectors with pull down screens displays up to 1900x1200 resolution

  • Projector above bar displays up to 1280x768 resolution


  • Audio board has 16 inputs and 4 bus outputs


  • Manual theatrical lighting and architectural lighting available

  • Manual spot lighting can be set up prior to, but not during event

  • Par lights available to set up a color wall wash in range of colors

  • Up-lights available* to color the walls and columns from the floor to about 6ft in height

  • Gobos should be size "A" or size "B."

General Guidelines

Computers, File Types & Presentations

  • We can provide the following laptops:

    • MacBook Pro laptop with PowerPoint, Keynote, QuickTime.

      • Acceptable file types: mp4, mov, m4v

    • Windows 7 laptop with PowerPoint, Windows Media Center, QuickTime

      • Acceptable file types: mp4, mov, mpg

  • PowerPoint Presentations:

    • Files that need to be looped should be delivered to HELEN MILLS as looped files

    • Any PowerPoint files with video,, should be programmed to "play upon click"

Audio & Video Feeds

  • Theater & Event Space equipment can send video and audio from theater to the event space's projectors, screens and audio board (and vice versa). This set-up and execution will require at least two technicians (one for each venue)*

  • Both venues share 8 wired handheld mics, 5 wireless handheld mics, 6 wireless lavaliere mics, 2 wired podium mics*

Technical Equipment Inventory & Specifications

*Select items listed in this document are an additional charge. Please inquire with the HELEN MILLS Team if you are planning to add any A/V capabilities outside of the specifications of your signed contract




  • 5.1 Cinema Surround Sound System

  • 2x EAW V27 Speakers

  • 4x EAW MK5164 Left-Right Speakers (fixed)

  • 2x EAW MK5194 Center Speakers (portable)

  • 2x Electro-Voice Force I 18” Subwoofers (portable)

  • 2x Peavey PR 10P Powered PA Speakers (portable monitor speakers for stage)

  • 8x QSC RMX Power Amplifiers

  • 3x 600 Watts

  • 2x 1200 Watts

  • 2x 1500 Watts1x Yamaha 01V96V2 Digital Mixer (16 active channels)1x

  • Panasonic V6000 Blu-Ray Player w/ 5.1 Dolby Output

  • 1x Sony Blu-Ray Player

  • 1x Pioneer Blu-Ray Player20-channel snake installed between stage and control roomControl Room Monitor System (Fostex 6301BEAV Monitor Speaker)

  • 1x Macbook Pro Laptop with MS Office/Keynote

  • 1x Macbook Laptop with MS Office/Keynote

  • 3 PCDI box for computer to soundboard audio conversion

  • 1 Peavey VSX 26 Crossover Limiter

  • XLR cables

  • 8 SM58 wired microphones

  • 4 SM58 wireless microphones

  • 2 PZM boundary microphones

  • 6 Sennheiser ew 112 G3 lavaliere wireless microphone systems

  • 1 Zoom H1 Ultra-Portable Digital Audio Recorder


  • Proprietary Sound System

  • 20x Bi-Amplified 15” Coaxial Speakers with 2” Horn 8x 12” Coaxial Speakers

  • 2x EAW V27 Speakers

  • 2x Peavey SSE Sanctuary Speakers

  • 14x QSC RMX Power Amplifiers

  • 7x 600 Watts

  • 5x 1200 Watts

  • 2x 1500 Watts

  • 1x Macbook Laptop MS Office/Keynote

  • 1x Dell Windows OS 7 Laptop with MS Office

  • Pandora for Business used for commercial-free music playlists

  • 1x Presonus 16.02 16-Channel Mixing Board (16 inputs with built-in effects)

  • 20 channels of balanced audio-tie lines distributed to four locations

  • 1 Peavey VSX 26 Crossover Limiter

  • 1 Rolls RA 163 Audio Distribution Amplifier



  • 2x Panasonic EZ570U Projectors: 5000 ANSI Lumens, HDMI, DVI, XGA, SVHS 2,000:1 (full on/full off, contrast mode: high) Contrast Ratio

  • 1x Christie LX-45 Projectors

  • 4500 ANSI Lumens XGA, SVHS, Composite

  • 2x DaLite Cosmopolitan Electrol Screens

  • Tensioned Electric • 64” x 115” • HDTV format (16:9)

  • Three-button remote control system

  • 1x Macbook Laptop used for DVD Video, CD-Audio, CD-RW, DVD-R

  • 1x 1 to 8 HDMI Video Amplifier.

  • 1x 1 to 2 DVI Video Amplifier.

  • 1x 1 to 8 VGA Video Amplifier

  • 1x 4 to 1 VGA switcher

  • 2x 50” Vizio Flat Screens

  • 1x 20” flat screen confidence monitor

  • 1x dell 19” confidence monitor

  • 8 Source Four Par Lights

  • 10 Source Four Leko Lights

  • HDMI, DVI & VGA cabling


  • 1x Panasonic PT-DZ6700U Single-Chip DLP Projector

  • DLP chip x 1, DLP system

  • 6,000 lumens (dual-lamp, high power mode)

  • 16:10 Aspect Ratio

  • 2,000:1 (full on/full off, contrast mode: high) Contrast Ratio

  • Input Terminals:

  • 24 pin digital DVI x 1

  • Component x 1

  • BNC X 5

  • VGA x 1

  • RJ-45 x 1

  • Composite x 1

  • S-video x 1

  • Serial RS-232C x 1

  • Remote control Input x 11x Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol Custom Screen, Tensioned Electric • Viewable Dimensions: 85.25” x 151.50” • Nominal Diagonal: 173.75″

  • HDTV format (16:9)1x 10 input Extron Video Switcher/Scaler1x ETC

  • Express 24/48 channel light board

  • 12 Source Four Par Lights & 4 Source Four Leko Lights



  • 8x ETC Source Four 50-degree with color frame, Edison plug

  • 10x ETC Source Four Par with color frame and lens sets, Edison plug

  • 1x ETC Express 24/48 Console

  • 100’ data cable for console position in house

  • 3x ETC SmartPack dimmer racks

  • 12 x 1.2 Kw dimmers each, for 36 dimmers total

  • Camlok distribution for 100-amp, three-phase power devoted to dimmers

  • 30x 1.2 Kw hard-wired circuits from stage ceiling to dimmer rack in control booth


  • 6x ETC Source Four 50 degree with color frame, Edison plug (inquire for rates)

  • 8x ETC Source Four Par with color frame and lens sets, Edison plug (inquire for rates)

  • 200-amp, three-phase company switch (inquire for rates)

  • 5x 1.2 kW ceiling dimmers

  • Gobos should be size "A" or "B"


• 6 - Microphones Shure SM58 PGX Performance Gear Wireless Handheld Microphones
• 8 - Shure SM58 Wired Microphones
• 6 - Sennheiser EW 122 G2 ME 4 Wireless Lavalier Microphones
• 4 - Atlas Sound Black Microphone Table Stands
• 5 - DR210 Pro Black Tripod Microphone Boom Stands
• 2 - Shure MX 412/S Podium Microphones
• 2 - Crown PZM185 Microphones
• 3x Countryman D.I. Boxes
• 3 - Whirlwind PCDI Boxes
• 2 - DBX D.I.Boxes


2x MacIntosh Powerbook • 2x Dell Inspirion with Windows 7 • 2x Blue Tooth USB presentation clicker


Hardwired • Dedicated Wireless and Wired Internet, with 100MBps speed


DVDs • Blu-Rays • Quicktime • Computer Files • No DCP Capability


DVDs and Computer Files are acceptable media for projection. A computer/laptop must be rented or provided by Licensee. When using a computer/laptop for presentations, it is strongly recommended to turn off any screensavers, standby or hibernation modes.

If the Licensee needs additional visual components, it should be noted that the Premises’ projectors are equipped for S-VHS, Composite and VGA signals. Switching between different signals during a presentation is not recommended and may require the rental of additional equipment.

The Premises’ projection screens are HD compatible with a screen ratio of 16:9. Projections created with a 4:3 ratio will be projected with letter boxing to the right and left of the image.

We strongly recommend that you have a technical rehearsal prior to your event.