A Helen Mills Love Story – Damon & Lauren’s Engagement

Congratulations to Damon and Lauren! We are so excited for this wonderful couple that got engaged at the Helen Mills Theater this past Saturday! See below for details about their engagement. 

Damon and Laura together

Damon and Lauren’s Story

Damon’s sister tried to set him up with Lauren twice, but it never happened. Then, a couple of months later, Damon and Lauren wound up meeting on J-Date. They hit it off instantly, and two years later, Damon was thinking of a way to propose.

About three weeks before Damon and Lauren’s two year anniversary, Damon started making a movie about his and Lauren’s love story to give her as an anniversary gift. Halfway through making the video, Damon realized the video was really good, and he loved Lauren so much, that now was as good of a time as ever to propose.

But Damon needed a way to add an extra wow factor to his proposal; he wanted to surprise Lauren by playing the video in a theater with a big screen. He also wanted to invite all of his and Lauren’s friends and family to be a part of the surprise (and also help him pull it off!).

That’s when Damon found Helen Mills. After stepping foot into the theater for the first time, he realized instantly that the Helen Mills Theater would provide the extra magic to make the proposal something Lauren would never forget.

The Proposal

On Saturday night, 1/31, Damon and Lauren’s friends and family took their seats at the Helen Mills Theater. They waited anxiously for Damon and Lauren to arrive. With the lights dimmed, and all guests in their seats, Damon and Lauren walked into the theater and Damon’s movie began to play. Here’s a link to the movie that he made: Damon’s Proposal Movie  (Aww!)

After the movie ended, Damon got down on one knee and asked the love of his life, Lauren, to marry him. And she said YES! Below are some photos of the happy couple’s engagement. Enjoy!

Damon and Lauran after she said yes
Damon and Lauran hugging
Damon and Lauran being given bouquet of flowers
Damon and Lauran embrace
Damon and Lauran smiling
Damon and Lauran kissing

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