10 Facts You Should Know About New York Event Spaces

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Anthony Quintano.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Anthony Quintano.

New York is no ordinary city with event spaces that host ordinary events. New York is diverse, is innovative and is unique, just like the many event spaces it has. Did you know these 10 facts about Event Spaces in New York?

1. Each Neighborhood Has Its Own Style

This only means that the event spaces in each of the neighborhoods of NYC most likely reflect the characteristics of its surroundings. For example, SoHo has spaces that are chic and trendy, while the Upper East Side would have spaces that are elegant and traditional. Do you know where your event would “fit in”?

2. Event Spaces Aren’t Always on the First Floor

Venues in New York are on various floors. While some are on the penthouse level with a rooftop access and some on the 23rd floor of a corporate building, just keep in mind what the needs are for your event. It’ll definitely be much more convenient to book a street-level venue for a press event for a new automobile.

3. Storage Space is Limited in NYC

New York is the most populous city in the country. With that said, there is very limited storage space, so don’t expect a venue to hold your event materials/props/furniture/etc for days prior to your first day of rental. I’ve never heard anyone say that they have space in their apartment closet, so I doubt an event space would say the same.

4. Not All Venues are Legally Operated

Did you know that if a venue is hosting an event with 75 or more guests, it should have a Place of Assembly Certificate with a Certificate of Occupancy? The Place of Assembly is renewed each year with an inspection from the fire department, and it will state the maximum number of people that are allowed in the space. You can find out if the event space you are considering for your next event has these certificates here. If legal matters ever arise from an event, you’ll want to make sure that you hosted it at a legally operated venue.

5. All-Inclusive Packages Can Help With Your Budget

Some venues in New York work with 3rd party vendors to create all-inclusive packages for their clients, so they’ll work with catering, staffing and furniture rental companies. When event spaces are able to provide steady business to their vendors, they are able to get a discount from them, rather than a corporate company finding and booking a caterer for the first and only time. If you’re on a tighter budget, find a venue that can offer all-inclusive packages, and usually, the more guests you can guarantee, the better per person pricing.

6. Rarely Do Event Spaces Rent by the Hour

Most event spaces are rented by the day (8-12 hours). Venues understand why clients would want a better rate for a 4-6 hour rental, but for that two-hour morning meeting, the venue would be giving up the opportunity to rent to an all-day meeting with a post-meeting reception. Some event spaces will have a better rate for renting just the morning hours, so ask your venue sales representative if they can be competitive!

7. You Will Need Insurance For Your Event

It’s very common that venues will require general liability insurance from their clients, and sometimes even their vendors (photographer, florist, DJ, etc). Even if your venue doesn’t require insurance certificates, you should still obtain one to protect you and your guests, and requesting them from your vendors will also protect them and the other parties involved. You can get a one-day coverage starting at $100 here.

8. Event Spaces Won’t Place Holds on Dates

A lot, if not most, venues do not place soft holds on dates for prospective events without receiving a signed contract and deposit. This makes sense, since it wouldn’t be fair to hold a date for one company when another is ready to book their event immediately, and the company with the hold decides to book elsewhere a few days later. What you could do is ask your venue sales representative to do their best to let you know if anyone else is considering your date.

9. Not All Event Spaces in New York Have Air Conditioning

If they do, it may not have the central air conditioning system you want to cool-down a 5,000 square foot venue. If you’re planning a summer event, ask the venue if they have central air conditioning so your attendees are comfortable.

10. NYC is the Heart of Unconventional Venues

There are so many event space options in New York. You may decide that an old firehouse turned event space is a good idea for your event, because of that warm (no pun intended), cozy feeling it has. No matter how big or small your event is, there’s a venue here for your unique event, and it doesn’t have to be in the same hotel that your guests are staying in.

Now you know a little more about New York event spaces, and I’m hoping that this helps you find the perfect venue for your next event. Are you ready to start the search?