Best Things to Do Before and After your Event at HELEN MILLS

 As a HELEN MILLS Event Space & Theater event host or attendee, you may be wondering what else the Chelsea neighborhood has to offer before or after your event with us?

Whether you are a local or visiting from out of town, we’ve compiled a list to help you make the most of your time while visiting our venue. All recommendations are located within a three-block radius, so you’ll be sure to find a little bit of anything and everything. Whether you’re looking for a scenic walk, a place to dine out, grab a drink, or check off your culture quota, this is the place to find it. The team at the HELEN MILLS Event Space & Theater warmly welcomes you to your event and into our neighborhood!


Whether you’ve come to HELEN MILLS for an event in the theater or event space, the vast variety of restaurants around HELEN MILLS is sure to fulfill any craving.


1.      Our/ New York Vodka (151 W 26th Street)

Our/New York Vodka is Manhattan's first distillery since prohibition. Conveniently located only a few doors down from HELEN MILLS, you can easily extend your evening of networking with specialty vodka tastings and behind-the-scenes tour. Insider tip: mention that you are a guest of HELEN MILLS and receive their Happy Hour pricing on all drinks (any time of day/night)!

Our New York Vodka bar

Our New York Vodka bar

 Image courtesy of


2.      The Smith (1150 Broadway, at 27th Street)

Located just 1 avenue over from HELEN MILLS, The Smith takes the local, the natural and the sustainable into high consideration with their menus. As makers of great food, great cocktails, and a great atmosphere, the Smith is the perfect place to wine and dine after a daytime event at HELEN MILLS.

The Smith Restaurant

The Smith Restaurant

Image courtesy of


3.      The NoMad Restaurant (1170 Broadway)

Located in the lobby of the NoMad Hotel, the NoMad Restaurant is the perfect locale to impress your clients after your media or press event at HELEN MILLS. Our personal recommendation? Be sure to request a table in the library or lantern-lit parlor for the most unique and sophisticated dining atmosphere!  

The NoMad Restaurant

The NoMad Restaurant

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Don’t let a great night of socializing at HELEN MILLS keep you off your feet before arriving. Those looking to stretch their legs and take in Chelsea's natural sights before a HELEN MILLS event are sure to find something on our list. All located within easy walking distance of HELEN MILLS, you’ll enter your event feeling refreshed by the outdoors and ready for an evening of fun.


1.      Madison Square Park (Flatiron District)

Located between the intersection of 5th Ave and Broadway at 23rd street, Madison Square Park is home to stunning art installations, quiet reflection and breathtaking gardens. Whether you wish to lounge on one of several benches lining the park, grab a burger from Shack Shake or entertain yourself by scoping out the city’s most adorable dogs before your event at HELEN MILLS, this is the local spot for some much-appreciated fresh air.

Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park

 Image courtesy of


2.      Flatiron Building (Flatiron District)

After taking in the beauty of Madison Square Park, be sure to stop and bask in the unique architecture of the nearby Flatiron Building. This groundbreaking skyscraper is a triangular 22-story steel-framed landmark that currently houses Macmillan Publishing and has been featured in numerous motion pictures.

The Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building

 Image courtesy of


3.      Gilsey House (E 29th & Broadway)

Continuing the historic tour of Chelsea, and before heading over to HELEN MILLS, be sure not to overlook the lesser-known Gilsey House. A New York City landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this former 8-story 300-room hotel was a personal favorite of Diamond Jim Brady, Oscar Wilde and Samuel Clemens.

Gilsey House

Gilsey House

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Perhaps of interest to those hosting and attending a film festival or theater event at HELEN MILLS, you can start your culture-filled day surrounded by some of world’s most acclaimed artists and artworks only a few blocks away.


1.      The Museum at FIT (227 W 27th Street)

For the fashion forward member of the party, The Museum at FIT is located in the Fashion Institute of Technology. It is home to rotating exhibitions along with permanent garment and accessory collections. After taking a walk through the museum, you’ll be sure to find an outfit inspiration fitting for your next event invite at HELEN MILLS.

The Museum at FIT

The Museum at FIT

Image courtesy of


2.      Casey Kaplan Gallery (121 W 27th Street)

Started in 1995 in a single room in an upper floor loft in SoHo, this contemporary art gallery found its home in Chelsea exactly ten years later. Just around the block from our venue, on the street known as Gallery Row, you’ll find yourself surrounded by geometric abstractions, performance art, photography and drawing; all done by artists just emerging on the scene.

Casey Kaplan Gallery

Casey Kaplan Gallery

 Image courtesy of Casey Kaplan Gallery


For those looking to keep the party going after the bar closes at HELEN MILLS, our neighborhood is home to a unique and prevalent bar scene. Bring your friends or colleagues out for one more round of drinks at these distinctive bars that help give Chelsea its one-of-a-kind feel. 


1.      Rare View Rooftop (152 W 26th Street)

As one of New York City’s only year-round rooftop bars, this is the perfect place to grab a bite with coworkers after your all-day meeting at HELEN MILLS. You’ll dine against a backdrop of lush landscaping, overhanging lights and vintage photographs - and best of all, it's located right across the street from the HELEN MILLS venue! Insider tip: mention that you are a guest of HELEN MILLS and receive 10% off their Bar & Grill downstairs for lunch or dinner!

Rare View Rooftop

Rare View Rooftop

 Image courtesy of


2.      Barcade (148 W 24th Street)

Looking to let out your inner child after a formal press event, perhaps? Then Barcade is the place to go! Known as “the original arcade” bar, grab a beer on tap and let that competitive streak loose with arcade games such as Asteroids, Frogger and Super Mario Brothers (and those are just to name a few).



Image courtesy of


3.      Sid’s Gold Request (165 W 26th Street)

What better way to extend the HELEN MILLS party than to let loose at this contemporary piano bar? Divided into two rooms, patrons can enjoy the marble topped bar up front surrounded by cocktail memorabilia or sing along at the Baldwin piano bar in the back. With music leaning more toward pop, rock, soul and even punk, your evening at HELEN MILLS is sure to end on a “spirited” note upon entering this fine establishment just a few doors away.

Sid’s Gold Request

Sid’s Gold Request

 Image courtesy of


HELEN MILLS Event Space & Theater is proud to be apart of the beautiful Chelsea neighborhood since opening our venue doors in 2005. From the beautiful architecture, scenic walks, and endless dining options - we assure you there is never a dull moment!

Want even more recommendations for our neighborhood? See links below for more pre- and post-event inspiration:

·       Black Door

·       Mulberry & Vine

·       Rizzoli Bookstore

·       Project No. 8

·   Bazar Tapas Bar


Written and researched by Katie Hands and Jessica Stucke

Event Spotlight: N.Y.C. Black Pride

N.Y.C. Black Pride

N.Y.C. Black Pride

We are excited to host NYC Black Pride's upcoming SONGS FOR MARSHA TOO: A MUSICAL CELEBRATION at HELEN MILLS Event Space & Theater on Tuesday, August 14th, 2018.

Read our exclusive Q&A with NYC Black Pride's director, Lee Soulja, below and mark your calendars so you can come show your support!


What is NYC Black Pride?

NYC Black Pride is a five day festival of multicultural events targeting LGBT people of color. These events are executed in collaboration with other community based organization such as Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) and Gay Men of African Decent (GMAD).


What prompted the creation of Black Pride in NYC?

The rise of Black Pride in NYC and other major cities around the country began in the late 1990s. It served primarily as a way to give voice to and culturally celebrate Gay Pride. In NYC, Black Pride resonates deeper than any other city across the country because the overall movement of Prides and Stonewall originated here. It was LGBT people of color that were at the forefront of that movement. In particular Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera and Storme Delarverie were the key figures. That true history has literally been whitewashed and/or forgotten. So the need for Black Pride became increasingly more important. On June 28, 1997, the first Black Pride event took place in NYC. 


Who are you in the community? 

Under the direction of Lee Soulja, NYC Black Pride is no longer solely just a once a year celebratory event. It has over the last decade grown to become a voice of visibility and a source of support for the LGBT community of color all year round.


 Why is it so important?

Black Pride is so vitally important because we are the only ones acknowledging, celebrating and historically archiving the contributions of LGBT people of color. In order to breakdown stigma and end discrimination against the LGBT community, we have got to tell and document those stories of our major contributions to the world. 


 What are you most proud of accomplishing so far?

NYC Black Pride was not the first Black Pride in the country, BUT we are surely the ones leading the change of the movement for the next generation. We have changed the narrative that Prides are nothing more than a bunch of parties. I am proud to say that we are advocating for the needs of the community to the Local and State government.  

NYC Black Pride was not the first Black Pride in the country, BUT we are surely the ones leading the change of the movement for the next generation.
— Lee Soulja, Director of NYC Black Pride

 What are you hoping to accomplish next?

We are working toward opening a Center for Black Pride. This would be a cultural and educational center that would house and archive LGBT people of color history. It would also be a safe space for the youth to gather, learn and empower themselves.  


How can we get involved and/or show our support?

If you are interested in attending one of our events or supporting the organization, please contact us through our website: or on any of our social media pages!


Check back here after August 14th for pictures of their event - or follow us on Instagram or Facebook!

Cha Cha's Bat Mitzvah

Friends, let us tell you about this bat mitzvah. Our venue is known for hosting great parties, and this celebration was no exception. From the pops of hot pink to the Chanel logos, Cha Cha and her team of vendors worked tirelessly to transform our event space into a chic and glamorous night club fit for a diva.

Scroll down for more photos captured by the fabulous Jennifer Weisbord.

Cha Cha's Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

The evening kicked off with an intimate ceremony in our theater. Hot pink uplighting and twinkle lights gave guests a taste of the glamour to come in the reception.

Event Decorations
Hot Pink Lighting

Certé kept hungry guests happy and fed all night long.

Event Entertainment

EK Productions kept the energy alive all night with dancing, singing, and plenty of fist pumping.


Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day, Cha Cha!

Event Planning by Deena Parnass Kleinman
Photography by Jennifer Weisbord
Catering by Certé
Entertainment by EK Productions

Planning an Event? Contact Us to learn more about events at HELEN MILLS, or check out more recent events here.

Winter Round-Up

Welcome to 2018! After a hectic holiday season, we’ve stepped into the New Year energized for a full schedule of festivities. Below, we recap three fun events hosted in our event space and theater.

BrownGirlsLove POWER Day

Christina S. Brown Love Brown Sugar

In early January, Christina S. Brown, founder of LoveBrownSugar, cultivated a day filled with inspiring speakers, workshops, panels, makeovers, and more. Their event, produced alongside Toyota, focused on providing resources for millennial women's success in today's world. You can read more about the day over on their blog, as well as peruse photos from the event. Below are a few of our favorites!

All photos used with permission from LoveBrownSugar. Find them on    Facebook    or their    website   .

All photos used with permission from LoveBrownSugar. Find them on Facebook or their website.

United Airlines Olympic Campaign Kick-Off

United Airlines Olympic Campaign Kick-off decorations

In anticipation for the 2018 Winter Olympics, United transformed our event space into a wintry ski lodge that left us awestruck. From the larger-than-life depictions of Team USA athletes and United employees, to the amazing 3D photo backdrop created by Wasabi3D, the evening was a non-stop celebration. United unveiled their commercial campaign, themed "Superheros", to an excited crowd of influencers, press, and internal team members.

The amazing team of vendors responsible for this incredible evening include Momentum Worldwide, C2 Imaging, DCI, Wasabi3D, and Pinch Food Design.

United Airlines Olympic Campaign kick-off collage
All photos used with permission from United Airlines

All photos used with permission from United Airlines

Vote Run Lead

Vote Run Lead event guests

Vote Run Lead, the brilliant organization that empowers and trains women to run for public office, hosted their post-Women's March event with us on January 20th. Following the march, a group of over 200 women and men met in our event space for an afternoon filled with panels, networking, and dancing!

All photos used with permission from VoteRunLead. Check out    their website    to learn more.

All photos used with permission from VoteRunLead. Check out their website to learn more.

Finding Love at HELEN MILLS

We love events here at HELEN MILLS, but we love it even more when two people FIND love at one of our events!  Such is the case with Ari and his now-fiancée, Shelby.

Four and a half years ago, Ari and Shelby attended a New Year's Eve party right here at HELEN MILLS. They spent the night laughing and talking, not knowing that this would be the first of many New Years celebrations together. As Ari started planning to "pop the question", he reached out to us with a unique request: to ask the woman he loves to marry him in the place where it all started. 

We were so happy to oblige Ari's request.  The plan was set - Shelby believed she was meeting her father at our event space after he wrapped up a meeting.  When she arrived, we lead her into the event space by herself, where Ari stood alone in the center of a rose petal arrangement.  After a short speech, he got down on one knee and proposed. Shelby, of course, happily accepted! After the initial shock wore off, Shelby realized they were standing in the same area they spent that fateful New Year's Eve. Talk about romantic!

After, family and friends surprised Shelby and joined in the celebration. They toasted to the engagement with champagne, exchanged excited congratulations, and captured the moment with some photographs. Their photographer, Matthew Raney, was there to capture every moment, and they kindly shared the below photos with us.


The surprised bride-to-be!

The surprised bride-to-be!

She said yes!

She said yes!


We feel so lucky to have played a part in Ari & Shelby's special day!  Hopefully, we can play cupid once more in the future.  :) 

Have you had a similar serendipitous encounter at HELEN MILLS?  Drop us a line at to share your story!