What You Need To Know About Meeting Packages

Meeting Tip - Picking a Meeting PackagePlanning a corporate conference or meeting involves managing not only the logistical considerations of event planning but also keeping in mind both your organization’s goals and the needs and preferences of your guests. Choosing a venue that offers meeting packages can lighten your planning responsibilities and allow you to focus more on achieving your meeting goals. To help with this decision, we’ve put together a list of things to consider and actions to take when evaluating what meeting packages will work best for your next event and allow you to save time as you plan.
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Introducing the HELEN MILLS Original Event Series.

Join us for our first event on Friday, July 25th!

HELEN MILLS was established in 2005 by real estate entrepreneur and arts patron Helen Mills, who has a passion for creating beautiful, inspiring spaces for people to gather, whether in business, celebration, or for the arts. In support of Helen’s mission, HELEN MILLS is creating its own event series. The goal of our series is to bring extraordinary people together to learn about interesting topics, discuss new ideas, debate important issues, and meet other movers and shakers in New York City.

On Friday, July 25th, HELEN MILLS will be producing its first original event titled “Digital Data Privacy and What It Means for Your Brand.” The event will begin with a networking breakfast, followed by a seminar on how growing data privacy concerns are impacting modern marketing. Read the full article…

Need Some Help Organizing Your Next Corporate Event? Read This.

Hosting a corporate event is a daunting, but exciting task. New York City is full of venues capable of hosting a top-notch event. Right off the bat, you’ll need to answer seemingly simple questions like: How do I choose the right venue? How do I prepare for the event in advance?

But choosing the right venue involves more than finding a location that can accommodate your guest count. Similarly, executing your vision for the event requires more than just logistics. However, planning an event does not have to be complicated or scary.

Here is a primer on corporate event organizing to help you plan ahead.
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6 Questions You Need to Ask About Event Venue Amenities

event-venue-amenitiesPlanning for events involves a number of moving parts and sometimes conflicting priorities. While it’s important to keep the original vision for your corporate conference or meeting in mind, it is also essential to make sure the event venue amenities provided are in line with your with logistical, financial and legal considerations.  In the world of event planning, knowledge is everything.  The following six questions are great to keep in mind when looking for a venue for your next event:

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