Theater Events

The Boston Conservatory 2015 Graduate Showcase

The HELEN MILLS Theater is proud to have hosted The Boston Conservatory 2015 Graduate Showcase this past Monday, March 16th. Here’s a quote from our client about the showcase:

“The Boston Conservatory's MFA Graduate Musical Theater Showcase is an opportunity for our graduating class of students to perform in New York City for a panel of esteemed theater industry agents and casting directors. The students rehearse long and hard for the Showcase so that they are fully prepared to perform at their very best levels, vocally, physically, and acting-wise. There is a lot at stake here for our students, and some students gain immediate interest from the industry-based guests. The performance serves as their formal greeting to the profession. Regardless of whether or not the students end up signing with an agent immediately after the Showcase, the event has bottom-line value, in that we consistently leave the panel of audience members with a memorable and lasting impression of our students' impressive talents and capabilities. They always impress!”

-Peyton Pugmire, Associate Director of TBC's Theater Division

Here’s a shot from their rehearsal:

Boston Conservatory graduate showcase rehearsal

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Covenant House Youth to Perform Alongside Broadway Stars on March 22

Covenant House logo
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama logo

Covenant House and The Royal Central Shool of Speech and Drama in London will be hosting the Crossing Bridges Play Festival on March 22 with the support of HELEN MILLS as well as a line-up of Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winners and nominees who donated their time and talents to the project.

Following a successful audition process, Covenant House youth attend a series of master classes in writing, directing, and acting for stage. Four weeks intensive learning culminate in a 24-hour play festival, where the young people will work overnight and alongside professional performers including Brian Carson, Dionne Figgons, Dana Marie Ingraham and Anika Larsen to write, choreograph, direct, produce and perform in their own plays.

Tickets are free, although donations to Covenant House are encouraged and space is limited. For more information about the Crossing Bridges Play Festival, see here. Details on the event below.

When: 7.00pm on Sunday 22 March, 2015
For tickets, visit:
Follow the project on Twitter: @CBridgesProject

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A Helen Mills Love Story – Damon & Lauren’s Engagement

Congratulations to Damon and Lauren! We are so excited for this wonderful couple that got engaged at the Helen Mills Theater this past Saturday! See below for details about their engagement. 

Damon and Laura together

Damon and Lauren’s Story

Damon’s sister tried to set him up with Lauren twice, but it never happened. Then, a couple of months later, Damon and Lauren wound up meeting on J-Date. They hit it off instantly, and two years later, Damon was thinking of a way to propose.

About three weeks before Damon and Lauren’s two year anniversary, Damon started making a movie about his and Lauren’s love story to give her as an anniversary gift. Halfway through making the video, Damon realized the video was really good, and he loved Lauren so much, that now was as good of a time as ever to propose.

But Damon needed a way to add an extra wow factor to his proposal; he wanted to surprise Lauren by playing the video in a theater with a big screen. He also wanted to invite all of his and Lauren’s friends and family to be a part of the surprise (and also help him pull it off!).

That’s when Damon found Helen Mills. After stepping foot into the theater for the first time, he realized instantly that the Helen Mills Theater would provide the extra magic to make the proposal something Lauren would never forget.

The Proposal

On Saturday night, 1/31, Damon and Lauren’s friends and family took their seats at the Helen Mills Theater. They waited anxiously for Damon and Lauren to arrive. With the lights dimmed, and all guests in their seats, Damon and Lauren walked into the theater and Damon’s movie began to play. Here’s a link to the movie that he made: Damon’s Proposal Movie  (Aww!)

After the movie ended, Damon got down on one knee and asked the love of his life, Lauren, to marry him. And she said YES! Below are some photos of the happy couple’s engagement. Enjoy!

Damon and Lauran after she said yes
Damon and Lauran hugging
Damon and Lauran being given bouquet of flowers
Damon and Lauran embrace
Damon and Lauran smiling
Damon and Lauran kissing

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Misty Copeland Performs at HELEN MILLS Theater as part of WSJ+ Event

This past Monday, December 1st, ballet dancer Misty Copeland joined Wall Street Journal subscribers at HELEN MILLS Theater for an exclusive performance and Q&A interview as part of the WSJ+ series. Wall Street Journal Senior Editor and Arts Reporter Pia Cotton led the Q&A (pictured below).

Ballet Dancer Misty Copeland performs at the HELEN MILLS Theater as part of the Wall Street Journal Plus event for Subscribers.

Misty Copeland was recently featured in the inspiring 'I will what I want' Under Armour commercial and is debuting this month as the lead in the American Ballet Theater's Nutcracker at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Her performance was simple and truly stunning. See below for a gif of the performance and more information about the Wall Street Journal Plus Series.

Misty Copeland performs at the HELEN MILLS Theater

The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog also produced gorgeous videos showing the performance and Q&A. Click here or on the image below for more information and videos:

About WSJ+: A new Wall Street Journal experience exclusively for subscribers. WSJ+ membership is a complimentary addition to your subscription and gives you a range of hand-picked offers and an enviable calendar of events. More here.

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Editorial Event: Wired Italia with The Society of Publication Designers

Join SPD next Wednesday, November 19th at the HELEN MILLS Theater for an event with David Moretti, the Creative Director of WIRED Italia. David will be talking about how he and his team come up with ideas and concepts for editorial and info-graphics design. You won’t want to miss it!

MORRETTI game changersGRIDS139

Doors will open at 6:30 PM and the presentation will start at 7:00 PM. For more information and tickets, please visit the event’s website here.

About SPD:

The Society of Publication Designers has been around since 1965 and its members consist of directors, designers, photo editors, editors and graphic professionals. It is the only organization that specifically addresses the visual concerns of print and online editorial professionals. For more information on SPD, their activities and volunteering opportunities, please click here.

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3rd Annual CBGB Music and Film Festival at HELEN MILLS

CBGB Music and Film Festival Venue Helen Mills Theater

The HELEN MILLS Theater is excited to be a part of the 3rd Annual CBGB Music and Film Festival this week! There will be two film screenings on Thursday, October 9th and talks on Friday, October 10th. Below is the schedule for the upcoming CBGB events held at the HELEN MILLS Theater.

Thursday, October 9th (screenings)

  • 7:30PM – “It’s Who You Know” (episodes) More information and tickets are available here.

  • 9:30PM – “Find Your Way: A Busker’s Documentary” More information and tickets are available here.

Friday, October 10th (talks)

  • 6:00PM – Music Discussions with Galadrielle Allman; Erin Davis & Vince Wilburn Jr.; and Stephen Trask. More information and tickets are available here.

More information about the CBGB Music and Film Festival can be found on their website –

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HELEN MILLS Event Series: July 25th Recap

On July 25th, we had the first event in a series of events at the HELEN MILLS Event Space and Theater. The morning talk explored the state of data privacy. It was a thought-provoking discussion with delicious pastries, intriguing speakers and presentations. Thank you to everyone who attended, co-producer, Contagious, sponsor Flamingo, and all the great speakers! Below is a quick recap (with pictures!) for anyone who wasn't able to attend or who'd like more information about the speakers, their projects, and additional resources to explore. Enjoy!

HELEN MILLS Theater decorated with logos in portholes.

HELEN MILLS Theater decorated with logos in portholes.

Arwa Mahdawi of Contagious (pictured below), moderated the discussion and panel. Arwa is the North American Strategy Director for Contagious and led the quantitative and qualitative research projects on privacy that Contagious recently undertook in conjunction with Flamingo and Opinium. Find the full report here. Arwa can also be found tweeting at ArwaM.

HELEN MILLS Theater and Event Space Event Series

Kyle McDonald is an artist who works with open code. He started off the event by discussing the numerous projects he's worked on includuing one that involved an eavesdropping with a lightbulb that livetweets conversations via Mechanical Turk transcription. More of Kyle's work and thoughts can be found here and here.

Adam Harvey (pictured below, center), is an artist who spoke about his work in developing counter-surveillance designs. His Privacy Gift Shop will be premiering in the fall as part of the NEW INC, a museum led incubator located next door to the New Museum. More about Adam's projects here.

HELEN MILLS Theater Event Series

Eliza Esquivel (photo below), VP Global Brand Strategy at Mondelēz International, gave an inspiring talk about Focus: Life Gear by Trident, a project that explores the intersection between fashion, technology, a distraction-free lifestyle, and of course...gum. More about Eliza here.

HELEN MILLS Theater Event Series

Dee de Lara, associate director of Flamingo, wrapped up the presentations with her talk about work the agency has done on qualitatively studying privacy, what kind of consumers privacy want, and how brands can deliver it. Flamingo's study on data privacy can be found in its entirety here. Learn more about the New York Flamingo team here.

HELEN MILLS Theater Event Series

SPLIT/SCREEN Play Premieres at the Helen Mills Theater!

HELEN MILLS is excited to announce the premier of SPLIT/SCREEN at the HELEN MILLS Theater! The multimedia play  features performances by Alex Montaldo, jazz composer and pianist Ben Rosenblum, and recording artists Dev Avidon and Alida Rohr. The piece is directed by Michael Williams and written by Monique Witt, a retired international finance attorney turned writer and producer. For a summary of the performance and to learn more about the cast, visit the official play site or see’s article on the performance.

The HELEN MILLS Theater is a 140-steat theater, screening room and performance space with state-of-the-art projection, sound and lighting systems. See here for more information or contact us about renting the theater.

Location Helen Mills Theater 139 W 26th Street New York, NY 10001 Directions

Dates: November 21st - November 23rd 2013

Tickets: Purchase Tickets Here ($18 General Admission)