4 Creative Ideas for Your Company Summer Party

As the weather warms up, it's time to begin planning your company Summer parties. There are certain elements we all expect at these events; namely good food, good drinks, and a great venue. When it comes to surprising your coworkers, however, it's easy to feel stumped.

Knowing how much pressure there is to stand out from other events, the HELEN MILLS team collected some fun ideas to help you as your plan not only your Summer parties, but any throughout the year.

Let's get started!

Company Movie Night

Does your team sometimes get burnt out on high-energy, loud parties? Why not switch things up and book a private movie screening for your crew? With 140 seats, the HELEN MILLS Theater offers an intimate, comfortable, and alternative way to spend your company outing.

Movie night in the theater

With HD projection and 5.1 Cinema Surround Sound, you can offer your team a night at the movies without the exorbitant ticket prices, teens on their cellphones, and chatterbox neighbors commenting on every scene.

Set up snacks and drinks for guests to enjoy during the movie. Photo from    this    post.

Set up snacks and drinks for guests to enjoy during the movie. Photo from this post.


Gif and Video Booths

Who hasn't attended a party with a photo booth? Whether it be a wedding, Mitzvah, or holiday party, we all have our signature "four poses" down to a science. Yes, photo strips are cute and retro, but in the age of ever evolving technology it's important to take advantage of all the latest and greatest gadgets.

Companies like OM now offer several different types of photo and video booths, offering guests a creative outlet to show off your killer party.


Edible Floral Arrangements

There's no denying that flowers are a beautiful way to instantly liven up the look of your event, but at the end of the evening you experience a crisis over what to do with your left-over arrangements. It isn't always reasonable to have your guests take the centerpieces home with them, and letting hundreds of dollars of flowers get thrown away can feel like a knife to the heart. If this sounds at all familiar, you should check out companies like Baked Bouquet, a "Bakery Florist" that offers sweet treats in the form of floral arrangements. 

Baked Bouquet creates stunning creations that will have you guests asking, "These are cupcakes?!


Floral arrangements

LED Furniture

You've spent time and effort on creating the perfect setup for your party, so why let your tables fade into the background? Our friends at Cerf carry a large selection of LED tables and more to help you create a vibrant affair. 

L.E.D. furniture lighting

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