How to Run a Successful Showroom at HELEN MILLS

 At HELEN MILLS, our white-walled event space provides the perfect canvas for your trade show or showroom.  With some planning and ingenuity, it’s easy to transform our 4,000 square foot venue into a showcase for your product, whether it be art, fashion, technology, or anything in between!

Mainstream International off-site showroom in the Event Space

This past week, Mainstream International[1] took over the Event Space and turned it into their off-site showroom for Market Week, a bi-annual event in which buyers and sellers across New York convene for the sale of home textiles.  Located in Edison, New Jersey, Mainstream brought their goods to the heart of Chelsea, a perfect central location to host their meetings and product showings.  They put together a gorgeous showcase featuring elements from their kitchen, bathroom and bedroom lines.

In collaboration with SMT Expo, a division of Glenmore Industries[1], Mainstream utilized their Smart | Modular | Technology™ to custom fit their showroom into our venue.  The wall panels created ample space for Mainstream to display their products in a cohesive format, while keeping the room spacious and open enough for customers to peruse.  Shelves, hooks, baskets, and branding easily attached to the free-standing panels, and the best part…no tools required!

Learn more about SMT Expo in this video from their Demo Day, which was held right here at HELEN MILLS!

[1] Mainstream International is the leader in Home Textile private label manufacturing.  From product development, design, manufacturing, quality control and overseas distribution, Mainstream continues to redefine private label manufacturing.

[1]SMT Expo, a division of Glenmore Industries, has been an OEM manufacturer of a wide array of home, institutional, and automotive products that are sold in over 20 countries.[They] are the exclusive provider of the industry’s leading fully scalable fabric booth system, and the sole manufacturer of this patented technology.

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