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How to Run a Successful Showroom at HELEN MILLS

How to Run a Successful Showroom at HELEN MILLS

 At HELEN MILLS, our white-walled event space provides the perfect canvas for your trade show or showroom.  With some planning and ingenuity, it’s easy to transform our 4,000 square foot venue into a showcase for your product, whether it be art, fashion, technology, or anything in between!

Cha Cha's Bat Mitzvah

Friends, let us tell you about this bat mitzvah. Our venue is known for hosting great parties, and this celebration was no exception. From the pops of hot pink to the Chanel logos, Cha Cha and her team of vendors worked tirelessly to transform our event space into a chic and glamorous night club fit for a diva.

Scroll down for more photos captured by the fabulous Jennifer Weisbord.

Cha Cha's Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

The evening kicked off with an intimate ceremony in our theater. Hot pink uplighting and twinkle lights gave guests a taste of the glamour to come in the reception.

Event Decorations
Hot Pink Lighting

Certé kept hungry guests happy and fed all night long.

Event Entertainment

EK Productions kept the energy alive all night with dancing, singing, and plenty of fist pumping.


Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day, Cha Cha!

Event Planning by Deena Parnass Kleinman
Photography by Jennifer Weisbord
Catering by Certé
Entertainment by EK Productions

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HELEN MILLS Picks: Fall Cocktails

With the weather in NYC slowly cooling off, we're daydreaming about all things fall; changing leaves, plaid shirts, college football, the excitement of Halloween and Thanksgiving, and so much more.

PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes) aren't the only fall drinks to look forward to either! This week, the HELEN MILLS team brings you recommendations for cocktails to not only create at home, but to feature at your events. Rename them to fit the theme of your party or reception, and offer guests an unexpected treat.

Emily's Pick

Photo courtesy of  Liquor.com

Photo courtesy of Liquor.com

From Emily: I don't know if you can label White Russians as a strictly "fall" cocktail, since I tend to drink them year-round, but there is something about the mixture of Kahlua and heavy cream that makes me want to cozy up by a fire.

White Russians are made by mixing vodka, Kahlua, and heavy cream. Serve in a lowball glass over ice and enjoy!

Helen's Pick

Photo courtesy of  PunchDrink.com

Photo courtesy of PunchDrink.com

From Helen: Harking back to my Kentucky roots, I suggest a Mint Julep. It is really good with homegrown mint that you can grow on your window sill.

Make your julep in a signature julep cup (pictured above) by combining muddled mint, simple syrup, crushed ice,  and your favorite Kentucky Bourbon. Stir well and enjoy in the city or country, any time of year.

Melissa's Pick

Photo courtesy of  Town and Country

Photo courtesy of Town and Country

From Melissa: Apple cider is one of my favorite beverages during the fall season... so crisp and refreshing! Apple cider and champagne makes the best combination for a seasonal twist on the mimosa!

To make an Apple Cider Mimosa, fill your glass 1/4 full with fresh apple cider, then top off with a crisp champagne for a drink that tastes like that perfect autumn morning. Rim the glass with brown sugar and garnish with an apple slice.

Diana's Pick

Photo courtesy of  Epicurious

Photo courtesy of Epicurious

From Diana: I like a hot toddy for the fall and winter months. It's warm, strong, and wakes you up. A touch of cinnamon makes it fall-friendly.

To make a Honey Bourbon Hot Toddy, you first need Apple Bourbon! Make this by combining Bourbon, 4 cored, sliced apples, and 4 cinnamon sticks in a pitcher. Cover and chill for 3 days, and then strain. Stir honey and water together until the honey dissolves. Add your Apple Bourbon and divide between Toddy glasses. Add lemon, stir with a cinnamon stick, and serve.

Mark's Pick

Photo courtesy of  The Spruce

Photo courtesy of The Spruce

From Mark: If I drank, I'd try the Pumpkin Fever Cocktail. Sounds yummy and seasonal.

To make a Pumpkin Fever cocktail, combine 2 parts Bols Pumpkin Smash, 1 part spiced rum, and 1/4 part cream in a martini shaker filled with ice. Strain into a sugar-rimmed, chilled martini glass. Sprinkle with freshly-ground cinnamon and enjoy!

Brittany's Pick

Photo courtesy of  Kitchen Treaty

Photo courtesy of Kitchen Treaty

From Brittany: I like to ease into fall with this ginger pear white sangria, which puts an autumnal twist on a summer favorite. It's a blend of both seasons; light, bright, and spiced. The perfect cure for those end-of-summer blues!

To make Ginger Pear White Sangria, add pears and ginger to a large pitcher. Pour in wine, rum, and brandy, seal tightly and refrigerate. Rim your glasses with a mixture of sugar and ginger. Strain the sangria and add pear and lemon slices. Add a few slices of pears to each glass, then fill halfway with your sangria mixture. Fill the rest of the way with ginger beer and serve.


BizBash's Live Gathering Tools Hosts Global Demo Week at The HELEN MILLS Theater

Bizbash CEO and Founder, David Adler (l), and Jeff Banish hosted all three days of the livestreamed first Global Demo Week.

Bizbash CEO and Founder, David Adler (l), and Jeff Banish hosted all three days of the livestreamed first Global Demo Week.

For three days this week, Live Gathering Tools, Bizbash's new website, hosted their first-ever Global Demo Week at the HELEN MILLS Theater. The event was livestreamed through the Live Gathering Tools platform, a virtual trade show environment complete with a lounge, demo halls, theater with live and on-demand presentations, and more (check it out here). Bizbash CEO and Founder, David Adler, and Jeff Banish hosted with contagious, joyful enthusiasm for events and event tech. 

Topics ranged from Event Management, Event Buzzwords, Budgeting, and Mobile Engagement. Each topic was accompanied by expert presentations (available through the Live Gathering Tools platform) led by industry leaders, including: AllSeated, #TWUBS, Bonfyre, Intros, and more.

Photos from the event below! For more information on the event and to see the presentations, sign up for the Live Gathering Tools platform or simply watch the video here.

A screenshot of Live Gathering Tools' on-demand content with video, presentations, and comments from attendees.

A screenshot of Live Gathering Tools' on-demand content with video, presentations, and comments from attendees.

David Adler speaking to guests
The video mixer allowed for close-in and zoomed out shots of the hosts, creating an intimate environment for participants joining from all over the globe.

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Tip Tuesday: Mitzvahs

Tip Tuesday Mitzvahs graphic

Tip: Don’t forget to rent cubbies for your son or daughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Most kids love to take their shoes off when they’re on the dance floor, so to prevent a large pile of shoes, bags and jackets on the floor, rent or purchase some cubbies to put along a wall in the event space. Most entertainment companies can provide these rentals for you, but you can also purchase your own and make use of them for your home after the event.

Here are two of our recommended entertainment companies that could help you with renting cubbies:

The Entertainment Company
Brian Rosenbaum
201 650 5729

Nelson Cruz Entertainment
Nelson Cruz
212 289 0843

You can also purchase your own shoe cubbies from The Container Store.

To learn more about hosting your son or daughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah at HELEN MILLS, email us at info@helenmills.com or contact us HERE.

10 Hotels Near HELEN MILLS to Suit Your Guests' Needs

With so many hotel options in Chelsea, Manhattan, here are some to choose from, all of which are walking distance from the HELEN MILLS Event Space & Theater.

Hotels Less Than 150 Feet Away

1.   Hilton New York Fashion District (152 W 26th St): 4-stars with 280 rooms

Room at Hilton New York Fashion District hotel

2.   Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Ave – Chelsea (125 W 26th St): 3-stars with 226 rooms

Holiday Inn Manhattan front entrance


Large Hotels with Plenty of Rooms to Book

3.   Affinia – Manhattan NYC (371 7th Ave): 4-stars with 618 rooms

Room at Affinia Manhattan NYC hotel

4.   Eventi (851 Ave of the Americas): 4-stars with 292 rooms

Room at Eventi hotel


Boutique & Upscale Hotels

5.   The NoMad Hotel (1170 Broadway): 5-stars with 168 rooms

6.   Ace Hotel (20 W 29th St): 4-stars with 280 rooms

7.   Flatiron Hotel (9 W 26th St): 4-stars with 64 rooms

8.   Hotel Giraffe (365 Park Ave S): 4-stars with 72 rooms

Room at Hotel Giraffe


Budget-Friendly Hotels

9.   Hotel Indigo - Chelsea (127 W 28th St): 4-stars with 122 rooms

Room at Hotel Indigo Chelsea

10.   Four Points by Sheraton Manhattan Chelsea (160 W 25th St): 3-stars with 158 rooms


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“Build-Your-Own” at Your Next Catered Event

Catering is one of the most important elements of any catered event. Why not try something that’s a step above a traditional menu for your next event?

Most cocktail parties consist of passed hors d’oeuvres and/or stationary displays in large baskets or platters. One way to make your event standout and more memorable is to provide a unique catering experience. “Build-your own” stations are becoming more and more popular at events. They give your guests an interactive activity by assembling their own meals, and it’s a fun experience for them to pick and choose different flavors and toppings. Next time you are planning a meeting or reception, consider these ideas before opting for a traditional buffet station:

1. Taco Bar

A “build-your-own” taco bar can be a fun way to provide a light dinner for your guests. Guests could start with beef, chicken or a grilled vegetable option, and go down the line adding their favorite toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, shredded cheese, guacamole and salsa. This would be great for corporate companies and even children’s birthday parties.

2. Mashed Potato Bar

This is a spinoff of the traditional baked potato bar, and even that isn’t common at most events. Providing a mashed potato base makes the dish easier to eat, even for standing cocktail receptions with minimal seating. Toppings could include butter, shredded cheese, sour cream, bacon, chives, broccoli and even gravy.

3. Biscuit Bar

There’s something cozy and inviting about having a biscuit bar at an event. It’s a classic southern tradition, and it never gets old. Southern comfort food is becoming more popular around NYC, so why not provide it at your next cocktail reception? Throw in some fried chicken in the menu, too! You could provide different flavored butters, from strawberry to cinnamon and maybe even one with brown sugar. Another sweet topping could be honey. If you want to provide some savory toppings, you could provide the classic white peppered gravy and one with sausage in it. Mushroom gravy is also excellent, especially for the vegetarians.

4. Donut Bar

So many of us grew up eating fun-flavored donuts as kids, so having a “build-your-own” donut bar is sure to bring some smiles out at the end of an event. Start with a plain, glazed donut and let your guests choose additional flavored frostings, like strawberry frosting, a chocolate frosting or even a caramel sauce. Some other ideas are a Nutella spread and peanut butter. Toppings could include sprinkles, sea salt, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, cinnamon, chopped fruit, crushed graham crackers, M&Ms and one unique one is crushed potato chips. Yum!

5. Ice Cream Sundae Bar

This one is an oldie but a goodie. You basically start with vanilla (or chocolate) ice cream and provide similar toppings as the donut bar (some new ideas are: fudge, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, candy, etc.). Perfect for all summer events!

Photo: Bree Hester of  BakedBree.com

Photo: Bree Hester of BakedBree.com

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