Sightsavers International Hits the Mark with Fall Decor

Sightsavers International celebrated World Site Day in style with gorgeous fall decor as part of their Million Miracles campaign to eliminate avoidable blindness. During the event, Sightsavers showed footage of their work in the field as well as a live stream of a Malawian man regaining his site after undergoing Cataract surgery (watch the moment here!). In addition to an inspiring mission, Sightsavers did an excellent job executing a fall theme with a gorgeous color palette, creative floral arrangements, and unique touches. Below are a few photos from the event highlighting decor details.

Consider the Drape

Sightsavers International - Non-Profit Event with Livestreaming - HELEN MILLS Event Space & Theater

Drapes often sit low on the priority list, behind decor items like flowers, furniture and lighting. However, thinking of drapes only as a functional item that divides a room or creates a visual barrier means missing out on a design element that can change both the look and feel of your event. For this event, the Sightsavers team made excellent use of the venue's in-house drapes by tying them back to create both a multi-stage event (breakfast in the front, presentations to follow) and a sense of intimacy among the select crowd of attendees. The drape material also introduced a new texture into the space. Finally, the simple white drapes contrasted perfectly with the orange wall wash and yellow uplights that produced a warm glow and complimented Sightsavers' brand colors.

Small Accents Make a Big Splash


Simple furniture pieces are great canvases for using accents to tie a space together and extend your color palette or decorative theme. These simple white ottomans with gorgeous patterned pillows and a brilliantly colored throw not only kept with the other decor in the room but were very inviting for guests. Other places to add decor are side tables, centerpieces on highboys or cocktail tables, bathrooms, and of course where you first see your guests - at reception.

Flowers Come in All Shapes and Textures


Flower arrangements can come in almost any shape, size, texture and color scheme. Don't limit yourself to what you think is typical or traditional. The Sightsavers team created unique floral arrangements by working within the seasonal color palette while at the same time being imaginative with the textures and types of flowers they used. On the left is a potted pepper plant which brought life to the event (literally and figuratively) and proved a good compliment for photos of the people the organization has helped through their efforts.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to event decor, designing small touches and taking a new approach to traditional elements will create a memorable experience for guests. Always ask yourself a few questions: Am I doing something new? Is there something special about the overall feel or each individual element? Have I ever seen this before.

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