Sci­‐fi Noir Short Film to Debut at Helen Mills Theater

Calling all film enthusiasts! Threshold Films will host the debut of their Sci-fi Noir Short Film "Selected" on Nov. 14, at the Helen Mills Theater. "Selected tells the story of a young man seeking revenge for the murder of his mother in a society with a crime-deterrent system that limits civil liberties. The film stars Tim Abell from “We Were Soldiers,” and “Soldiers of Fortune,” Ron Millkie of “Friday the 13th” and Zachary Karem.

Selected Short Film Debuts at HELEN MILLS Theater

The film debut is free to all invited - email zachary@thresholdfilms for your chance to attend. There will be a brief introduction and keynote about Threshold Films presented by the filmmakers. After the screening of the film, there will be a Q&A.

About Threshold Films: Founded in 2011 by Zachary Karem, Brennan Karem and Renes Rivera, Threshold films is a production company that specializes in independent film making as well as commercials, editing, and TV production. Read more on the "Selected" website or Twitter page.

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