New York International Film Festival Screenings at HELEN MILLS

This past weekend, the HELEN MILLS Theater was home to two New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF) film premieres. The following are short descriptions of the films that premiered at HELEN MILLS Theater on May 30th through June 1st.

LAZARUS: Day of the Living Dead 1957 Hollywood CA. A telegram arrives at the office of George Lazarus, an Insurance Investigator to investigate a suspicious claim that was just put in by Deadly Sin Cigarette Company. Lazarus begins to schedule routine interviews with the twelve employees that are named on this claim. He learns that they all had just gotten fired for being sick at the job. …He never makes it back to the office.

Rooftops A young artist's work flow grinds to a halt when his teenage sister confides in him her unwanted pregnancy, dredging up memories from his past that have long gone ignored. So begins an intimate journey into a young man's past and the bond between brother and sister, taking them on a road trip from the hills of Pennsylvania to Ricky's old college town near Baltimore, where they search to bridge the gap between Ricky's past and his present.

About NYCIFF: NYCIFF is in its 5th year and is taking place from May 29th to June 5th, 2014. This year, the festival features 77 film premieres with filmmakers from 27 countries. To find out more about the festival and to buy tickets, visit

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