Event Planning Series: Lightning Round!

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Over the past few weeks, we've challenged some seasoned event planning professionals to reveal their hottest tips and insights as part of our Event Planning Series. To wrap up the series, we're bringing you an Event Planning Lightning Round. We asked each of our featured experts to choose the One Thing that Every Event Needs. Below are their thoughts!

What is the One Thing that Every Event Needs?

A Coordinator. Someone who’s good at coordinating to make sure the event is successful and going in the right direction.
— Brian Rosenbaum, The Entertainment Company
Three elements of organization: coordination, communication and a plan. This should detail how the event is going to come together before during and after the event and should include all the parties working on the event from the planner to the event marketing team to the signage designer and printer to the day-of staff.
— Peter Zalezsak, Atlas Print Solutions
Every event needs a production person or event planner.
— Rhonda Cosaluzzo, AFR Event Furnishings
A strategy. I always want people to take a step back and establish their goals - when the party is done what do you want to accomplish? If you can only have one thing, what is it? If money were no object, what would this party look like? People are often limited by money even when they don’t even know what things cost.
— Lindsay Landman, Lindsay Landman Events
When you plan an event, you’re designing an experience for people. It’s really a combination of elements that make an event ‘great’. It is the surprises and the personal touches in terms of food or entertainment that set an event apart. The setting (lighting and music), the orchestrated flow, professional and friendly service, and thoughtful menu are all the elements that come into play not to mention the right mix of guests along with an engaging host. Lastly, some cocktails never hurt!
— Jessica Alton, Thomas Preti Caterers
Lighting. You can take a room and put a thousand roses in it and you’ll have a room with beautiful flowers. You can take a room and light it beautifully and take one rose and you will make much bigger impression.
— Zev Greenfield, Milk & Honey Productions

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