Choosing an Event Space in New York City Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

Guide to Choosing a Venue in New York City

With high stakes and tons of options, choosing an event space in New York City can be challenging. Make it simple by identifying your needs, recognizing the important considerations and potential pitfalls, and letting the right venue stand up and identify itself.

Here are 5 helpful tips to make your venue search easier:

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional?

Narrow your search immediately by deciding between a traditional or less traditional venue. This is where your guests come in. Ask yourself, what are they used to, what do they expect, and is it time to shake things up?

Traditional venues like hotel ballrooms and banquet halls provide a distinct experience:

  • Attendees and clients will mostly be familiar with surroundings.

  • It’s a safe route with time-tested results.

  • There may be fewer things for you and your team to decide and customize.

Non-traditional venues provide a unique experience with special considerations:

  • An interesting space instantly makes your event memorable.

  • The choice must be carefully considered, so the venue enhances your goals and attendees’ experience.

  • You will have more opportunities to brand and make the space your own.

If you don’t have a gut reaction for which route to take, put yourself in the shoes of your attendees. When they receive your invitation, what type of event space in New York City are they picturing? What would make them excited about the event? Your choice can be unexpected, but it should feel right.

Identify Your Needs to Easily Narrow the Search

Before you start thinking about the finer details, make a list of the key elements of this specific event. Are you hosting a product launch? Will a panel of speakers need a prominent staging area? What features or amenities could make or break your event?

If the quality of one particular aspect—be it catering or multimedia hookups—will determine the success of your event, hone in on those key features first. Make a list of must-haves and rule out venues that don’t fit.

As you develop a picture of your ideal venue, pause to check all the important criteria:

  • Does the venue provide staff and catering services?

  • Can I make the venue’s furniture and rental items work for my event and budget?

  • Will all the necessary audio/visual and tech components be supplied? How easily can I create impactful presentations in the space?

  • Does the event space represent our brand? Is it appropriate for this particular event?

  • Does the venue help you work with your budget? Do they provide clear information on costs and estimates?

Expect Details and Information Upfront

Venues should bring to the table all the information you could possibly want. From floor plans and schematics to a portfolio of past events they have held, you want to see a wealth of information to give you ideas and accommodate your staff and vendors.

Feel confident about venues that have great information available before you even ask. Even if you think you don’t need all this information, you might need it later.

Personal Interaction

Renting an event space in New York City is an undertaking that requires a great relationship with the venue staff. Even if you plan and host events regularly, you need helpful staff to answer your questions and guide you through everything venue-related.

From the first phone call to post-event paperwork, your interaction with the venue should feel personal, communicative, and helpful. You need attentive, listening staff who will go above and beyond to understand the needs of your event and make it happen.

You should also feel confident about the communication between various vendors. Will the venue coordinate other services on your behalf? Do they have preferred partners for extra services and do you feel like you get a personal touch from all of them? It’s your event, and it should feel like it.

Consider Image and Reputation

You’ll be supplying the real content of the event, but guests and attendees will also remember you by a general impression of how enjoyable, professional, and well-managed the venue seemed. Venues with a sterling reputation and a impeccable facilities can turn a good event into a great event with wow factor.

Your invitees will be searching information on the venue before attending. Do you feel good about the reputation of the event space in New York City review sites and on social media? This is the first impression on your audience. Make sure that your venue projects the right tone and quality level that you want associated with your event.