10 Tips To Make Your Event Look Amazing

10 tips to make your event look amazing

We’ve put together a handy list of 10 things you can do to make your event look amazing and leave a lasting impression on your guests. The more creative you can get in your planning process, the more your guests will be wowed.

So have fun with planning your event, and read our list to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Use lighting to add a "wow" factor.

The power of lighting to make an event shine should not be underestimated. Lighting can be used to give your event grandeur and set the intended mood for your event. Dim the lights to create a feeling of intimacy, spotlight a beautiful bouquet on the bar, spotlight a speaker, or use up-lights to create dramatic effects on walls and columns.


2. Consider a theme for your event.

If appropriate, a theme is a good way to make an event feel well thought-out and tie various parts of the room together. A theme can be anything from following a set color palette, to having decor related to a specific interest such as travel or old films, or even converting the venue into a scene from Harry Potter.

3. Use color to transform the room.

Color can transform the mood in a room and create energy. Consider choosing a linen color that is bright and playful. Add a wall wash to change the feeling of your event when transitioning from daytime to nighttime cocktail hour.


4. Use furniture and room set-up to create your event's desired aesthetic.

Furniture choice reflects the tone of the event, as well as helping with the flow and the feeling of movement in the room. It is important to strike the right balance between enough furniture so that people are comfortable, but not too much that people sit for the entire event.

5. Don't forget table centerpieces and bar accent pieces.

Table centerpieces are important to give your event a polished look. Have fun with table centerpieces, whether it's a colorful arrangement of flowers, fun candy bowls, a framed photo, or unexpected centerpieces such as books, or stuffed animals.


6. Add an element of interactivity to your venue.

Help inspire guests and make the venue uniquely yours by having guests engage with the venue. Have a step and repeat with fun props for guests to pose with, have guests create art to paste on the walls. Interactivity helps the event look and feel more energetic, and also leaves guests talking about your event after its over

7. Make sure your food presentation is top notch.

Good food is partially about taste, but it's also about presentation. You don't have to spend a ton of money to make food look good. Have fun with food presentation - whether it's putting flowers near the food to make the food look fresher, or using unique serving dishes and plate set-ups to elevate the look of the food


8. Remember the details.

While most of the time we focus on the big details for an event, it’s sometimes the little details that can really pull your event together. Don’t forget about the bathrooms, hallways, and outdoor areas. Some fun details we have seen include putting flowers in restrooms and hallways, having monogrammed hand towels in the restrooms, decorating outdoor spaces with lanterns, creating a signature drink, and creating a goodie bag table for guests to take home.

9. Invest in creating beautiful signage for your event.

Guests’ first impressions of your event will set their expectation for the whole event. Having impressive signs outside of your event will set the right tone for the rest of the event. Signs are also great backdrops for event photos!


10. Have fun and be creative.

This is your event, and you set your own rules. Make the event yours, and give it a personality. Nobody will remember a cookie-cutter event, but people will remember an event that was unique. If you have fun and get creative in the planning process, it will show the day of your event